Hi 👋

I’m Marco Schneider, I live in Berlin and I write software. I work at Active Group GmbH, one of the leading providers of custom software using functional programming in Germany. At Active Group, I work at different projects utilising a variety of technologies and architectures. In addition, I teach functional programming and functional software architecture in workshops and speak about it at conferences.


I’m interested in functional programming and functional software architecture and it’s application in the industry. I love Lisp-languages such as Clojure(Script), Scheme or Common Lisp and ML-decendants (Ocaml, Haskell, …). In general, I prefer languages that afford the use of functional programming techniques, which includes Erlang/Elixir, ECMA-script and more.

For some time now I’m also interested in nix and reproducible builds and delivery of software.

Every now and then I contribute to funktionale-programmierung.de — the largest German language blog on all things functional programming.